Our Mission is to empower the local women of Himachal Pradesh to create income-generating capabilities for underprivileged rural people through small scale enterprise opportunities, & to improve rural living standards of people in need through education,


We are trying to start a self-employment center in every village or area, in which the village duo should be able to provide part self-employment by utilizing the remaining time after settling the work and returning to school from the college.


We aim to achieve behavioral, social, and economic transformation for women and children towards an India where everyone can have equal opportunities. It is our motto to empower women living with dignity and contributing as equal partners,

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Grihini Sawyam Swarojgar Sangh

Grihini Sawyam Swarojgar Sangh (GSSS)  is a registered women development organization situated at the top-most corner of the perpetual poverty-stricken area of Indora, Himachal Pradesh, India. Society is a result of the different thinking of our Founder Ashok Pathania who wants to do something different for the homemakers and distressed women who are dependent on their husbands, want to do something for their own.

For the past 1 and half years, Grihini Sawyam Swarojgar Sangh has been working for the underprivileged women of Himachal Pradesh, especially for needy children & women. As a women’s development organization, we welcome all the well-wishers and volunteers in a will to get cooperation from various corners of the World to enlighten the unfortunate and destitute.

Key Issues

Support the Grihini Sawyam Swarojgar Sangh today. Please visit our website to donate online now. Financial donations of any size help fund our mission. Literacy Mission Centre for all over India, School for Orphanage in 15 districts of West Bengal and also other states, like Odisha, Bihar, Chattishgarh, Madhyapradesh, etc., Help to Old-age persons, Charitable activities, Pensions are provided to the needy and aged widows, and the best thing we do is we pray for the ones who are there helping us standing up for the deprived.

Empower Women 


Per Month

A gift of ₹ 105 supports to feed a poor join GSSS NGO’s Women Empowerment Program.



Per Month

A gift of ₹ 150Rs/- supports the Sanitizer Making Program for the helpless women in GSSS NGO.

Our Projects

Making Sanitizers

Sanitizer has become one of daily essentials that is useful to keep us disease free and free from coronavirus. But the urban areas of Himachal are lacking the quantity of sanitizers; we often get sanitizers that are less needed.

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Making Masks

Similar as sanitizers, masks are also an essential commodity that need to be changed after a little time. We are making masks from clothes which are washed in Sanitizers and are affordable for local people.

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Making Reusable Bags

Grihini Sawyam Swarojgar Sangh distributed hand-made reusable carry bags with the help of women. These bags are converted into a mass effort by making people aware and contribute  around 1000 carry bags.

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Volunteers are needed to join our Grihini Sawyam Swarojgar Sangh in fulfilling more projects for the women empowerment & development.

Our Activities

Women Empowerment

Our Trust, GSSS NGO organizes vocational training courses in stitching, cutting, and knitting for women and adolescent girls. After getting trained they start making school dresses, blouses, petticoats, frocks, trousers, shirts, etc.

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Making Handicrafts

Woolen weaving is the most important income-generating project for the poor women of the locality. The beneficiaries were offered training from the organization and they started weaving for their self-employment.

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Helping Distressed Women

Women and girls under our attention are the victims of domestic violence and social grievance. These females belong to the backward and minority community. Their lives were bonded with typical gender biasedness;

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Our Members

Neelam Rani

Neelam Rani


Rajindar Kaur

Rajindar Kaur


Jyoti Bala

Jyoti Bala

General Secretary

Prabesh Lata

Prabesh Lata


Grihini Sawyam Swarojgar Sangh

Grihini Sawyam Swarojgar Sangh is a registered Non Profit Organization in Himachal Pradesh, India work for women empowerment.



V.P.O. Malhari, Teh. Indora, Distt. Kangra, Himachal Pradesh, Pin-176401

+91 8629859705 | 8219723698