Our Activities

Women Empowerment

Our Trust, GSSS NGO organizes vocational training courses in stitching, cutting, and knitting for women and adolescent girls. After getting trained they start making school dresses, blouses, petticoats, frocks, trousers, shirts, etc. They also make pickles, papad, and sanitizers from organic vegetables. Trainers give all these training to the poor and widow ladies. After completion of all products, they get more encouragement to do such things more and more and also they get a chance to sell these products in markets. They also promised to take regular follow-ups and also motivate women to open shops in their homes or nearby markets. We try to provide these women a life where they can take responsibility for their own, their kids, and their family; provide a better social life.

Making Handicrafts

Woolen weaving is the most important income-generating project for the poor women of the locality. The beneficiaries were offered training from the organization and they started weaving for their self-employment. This is the way to have a better life and maintain a superior lifestyle. Society helped them in the marketing of their product. The beneficiaries do their work under the able leadership of the SHGs. The main focus of our NGO is making Woolen products and handicrafts like sweaters, caps, dresses (made from cotton and wool), etc. Besides this, we are also focused on handicraft making works such as knitting cotton clothes, making pickles, jam, jelly, making bangles, knitting jute products, etc. All these products are gone for selling in the nearby markets and fairs from where then women get profits and earn their livelihood.

Helping Distressed Women

Women and girls under our attention are the victims of domestic violence and social grievance. These females belong to the backward and minority community. Their lives were bonded with typical gender biasedness; no access to education, early marriage, marital torture, and violence, etc. including poor economy was a common incidence in their life. They are identified and selected for training for alternative livelihood and after that, they are approaching economically independent. Social as well as gender justice is gradually touching their lives through peaceful living. Society tries to help girls who want to study more, want to do something different for the widows, and is trying to maintain the socio-economic balance by helping distressed women.

Youth Employment

GSSS takes youths of Himachal Pradesh under a training period where they are given the knowledge to fight against various problems of society.  We aim to empower young people to contribute positively to society by working together on issues related to health, education, human rights, civic education, anti-corruption, and other development issues. Providing proactive leadership and advocacy and shaping the agenda on issues affecting young people and youth services. Collaborate on issues that affect young people and youth workers; ensure youth’s organizational development, efficiency, effectiveness, and good governance; address the unemployment problem in the state; for any other activities relating to youth empowerment.

Extracting Wheat

GSSS NGO has been extracting wheat flour from Wheat in an old but  unique way that is eco-friendly and powerful also. They have implemented a turbine under the Mountain Springs to create power from it; with the help of this power the machines run. This makes the processing of wheat flour faster and without any manpower. It leaves the protein parts within the flour making it more healthier and applicable for all.

Organic Farming

Agriculture is the main earning all over India and even in Himachal Pradesh, large numbers of women are engaged in farming. GSSS NGO is always helpful for the farmers, and for their betterment, we organize cultivation-based programs and we teach them the most authentic way to farm. We give them training on how to cultivate crops through organic fertilizers and how to sell them in markets. We organize workshops to teach them better techniques to farm and to get better results from farming. We also encouraged them on organic farming and told them to use and build vermicompost pits and cow dung.

Grihini Sawyam Swarojgar Sangh

Grihini Sawyam Swarojgar Sangh is a registered Non Profit Organization in Himachal Pradesh, India work for women empowerment.



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